The alchemy of mind, spirit and form.

Creativity offers us the opportunity to share and connect to a universal wisdom. A divine intelligence that resides in each and every one of us. At this most auspicious time in human history this divine intelligence is being called forward through us, for the purpose of radical re-calibration with ourselves, each other and our home, Planet Earth. By entering a space for intuitive listening, I hope to invite a deep reflective acknowledgement of the mystery which we are all apart. To help facilitate the emergence of spirit through its form to a higher state of awareness.


My work layers multiple mediums to alchemize what one may consider separate dimensions into a new vantage point, where past synchronizes with present and beyond into the future. where darkness dances with the light. Inner worlds form symbiosis outer worlds. I hope this window of self expression moves viewers into a deeper inquiry of the nature of reality. Beyond the patterns of the mind and ego. Beyond the liner construct of time and space. To a more profound connection of our ancestral wisdom and relationship to our inner Universe.

Artist Statement

~VISION Creativity as meditation.
Humanity has the power and ability to reinvent reality itself. Even science is now telling us this. On the atomic level we effect determined outcomes simply by observing them. By observing something, we manifest it into reality. Our internal dialogue of what we are perceiving determines what we manifest. When directed properly with intent our collective power to manifest is greatly amplified.

Many ancient cultures from around the world intuitively understood this and developed powerful techniques to harness the power of their conciseness to Create and evolve their civilizations. Something is changing in humanity at this time. Something is calling us individually and as a whole to step into this great and forgotten power of enlightened awareness. It is now essential for every soul to reinvent itself and thus the world. The mission, saving our species and countless others by bring our unsustainable modernism back into harmony with the rhythms of nature. Through out human history we have become the great masters of adaption. Now the question is can we learn to adapt to ourselves? I can see a world in which peoples from all corners of the world have come together for one propose. To remember who we truly are and what we can achieve together. In Every moment lies the opportunity for limitless power to awaken to our highest potential. If you believe it, than it is so. Be well my relatives.